Concentré éclaircissant
Whitening concentrate

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Supplied as a box of 10 glass vials containing each 5 ml of solution.

Water for injection, Glutathione, Phenolic complex, Glycolic acid, Hyaluronic acid, sodium chloride.

Indicated for the correction of superficial
melasma, post-inflammatory pigmentation, uneven
complexion, and lentigines caused by the sun.

• Map the area to be treated and properly
position the patient to optimize the application.
• Perform hand hygiene prior to accessing
supplies and handling vials.
• Remove the Flip-Off button from the vial and disinfect the rubber top of the vial with an a
lcohol pad.
• Using aseptic technique, attach a withdrawal needle to a sterile single-use syringe and
withdraw an appropriate amount of the solution.
• Avoid touching the top of the vial. Never leave a drawing up needle inserted into a multidose vial if you have finished drawing up.
• Correction sites must be properly disinfected (70% alcohol or with another disinfectant).
• MESO-WHITE is administered by microinjections (multi-puncture, microneedling),
needleless delivery systems (iontophoresis, ultrasonophoresis, electroporation, etc.) or percutaneously after stratum corneum removal by laser and dermabrasion.
• The total injection volume is dependent upon the area to be treated.
• The administration of MESO-WHITE is reserved for medical practitioners trained in
the Mesotherapy techniques.

MESO-WHITE must not be used if the patient has cutaneous disorders, inflammation or
infection at the treatment site or near to this site.

Redness, swelling, oedema, hematomas, itching and slight pain at the treatment site can occur and generally subside after a few hours.

• Verify the expiry date and the integrity of the packaging before use. Do not use if the expiry date is exceeded or if the packaging is damaged.
• If unopened, record on the side of the vial the time that the vial is first being accessed. If the vial has previously been accessed, check the date of first access recorded on the vial. Do not use if more than 28 days has elapsed since first access.
• Discard the multidose vial if the user suspects that the sterility of the vial has been

As indicated on package. Store between +2°C and +25°C and away from light. Do not freeze. After opening, the vial can be stored up to 28 days in the refrigerator.

Envisage 2 to 3 initial sessions 2 to 3 weeks apart according to the result, an additional session 2 months after, and then a maintenance session approximately every 4-5 months.