Laboratoires ORGÉV is a French health care company that discovers, develops and manufactures innovative products useful in the prevention and treatment of aging processes.

ORGÉV is primarily focused on non-surgical solutions for skin rejuvenation and connective tissue protection and repair.
The company began developing topical products for chronic wounds, burns and pre- and postoperative management. Our research has rapidly spread to medical devices and pharmaceutical-grade skin care treatments for the plastic and reconstructive surgery market. Today, our mission is to be a leader in the fight against aging.

ORGÉV has put its vast experience in personalized health care at the disposition of professionals active in medical aesthetics : plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic doctors, licensed aestheticians, etc
Present in many countries and used by doctors and surgeons of world fame, the ORGÉV products allow to prevent and fight effectively the effects of ageing.
We have a particular interest in the various structural modifications occurring in connective tissue and induced by time, environment (sunlight, pollution etc.), daily stress and mechanical constraints. Our biochemists, molecular biologists and microbiologists work daily on these deteriorations which can be delayed and apply their experience to develop products that retard and correct tissue degeneration.

Originally intended only for the professionals, our knowledge also extended to the demanding private individuals with regard to the quality and results.

ORGÉV products are available through a network of licensed physicians, clinics, selected pharmacies and medically supervised spas.

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Our advantages


Our products contain a very high percentage of active pharmaceutical-grade ingredients which are sourced from the most reputable suppliers on the market..


In order to optimize the freshness of our products we use just-in-time manufacturing so the active ingredients are not weakened by time-related breakdown.


Free from harmful chemicals and preservatives or superfluous, unnecessary ingredients, our products are formulated to ensure a perfect affinity with the body.


Manufactured under strict quality control through an optimized risk management process that goes above and beyond regulatory compliance, our products meet the requirements of the highest technical standards and conform to the European Directives.


We have a significant know-how and intellectual property and we develop innovative technologies and continuously improve the performance of our products through internal clinical studies, discovery research projects and strategic partnerships with prestigious universities and institutes.


Our products are packaged in recyclable pharmaceutical-grade glass and PET which guarantee an optimal preservation of the stability, integrity and strength of the content.